this sadness that creeps up
an uphill stream
is it a mirror of humanity’s losses
the loss of rationality

when barefoot friends
are summoned by the terror state
the thought the possibility
of what may have been

the uphill stream defies gravity
exhuming  unnatural fears
undeserved losses that so easily happen
when the constable turns up at the door

not inviting you for a cup of tea and kawum
but the possibility of pain by blunt instruments
to interrogate to have even one friend disappear
never to be heard from again

yes the sky still shines blue and the pot of rice still boils
with some dark clouds
and the terrorist song is played over and over
in discordant symphonies

every flower deserves the sun
the sun that equally feeds eventually withers
but all in due course
at a natural time table an universal clock

who picks who is a candidate
for the unnatural act
who decides who is less than human
to be tethered, tied, beaten, then …..

who is putting up the parking lot?
who paved paradise?
for what?
for victoria’s secret by way of the rogue state?

and the irrational humans play the record
over and over
and you deathly silent in terror of that visit by the constable
for the non-cup of tea and a chat

the human whose emotion is cut off
having drunk the poisoned water
from the supersweet cup from hell
only hears the song out of tune

the empty kalagediya babbles
infected – not knowing its own poison
laying waste to a place
where flowers thrived eons ago if that

and the sadness flows up stream
as the tears flow like the mahaweli;
leave me alone
i am happy here with this unhappy truth

by Renuka Mendis, April 20, 2013

Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell
Upstream Color directed by Shane Carruth
A recent true incident of a visit from the police to a dear friend.
Recent news from US of A.
Illustration: from the walls of Totagamuwa Raja Maha Viharaya, near Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.

copyright : belongs to Blog Owner Renuka Mendis.


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