David Lebovitz says I`m sorry, Vancouver.

David Lebovitz says I`m sorry, Vancouver.

“Vancouver is a very eco-friendly city; there are recycling bins everywhere, and, if they could, I’m sure the parking ticket machines apologize to the sun for borrowing some of its energy to power them.” – David Lebovitz


You may have noticed I never post from other blogs.  That does not mean I do not gawk at the amazing world of food bloggers out there and David Lebovitz is up on top amongst them.  He probably has an army of editors and web savvy experts who make sure the page shines and is well designed.  And consider the ad revenue.  Nevertheless his is one of the best that I keep peeking into.  I hate sharing my favourite candy you see but this cannot continue.

David Lebovitz recently wrote another book and he is traveling to promote it   His posts from  just about each stop have been coming in while he is on tour.  Seems like he rushed through Vancouver.  I am sorry.  But this I must post.  Both because i think it is hilarious but sometimes the Canadian pride seeps out around here.  True no one in Canada appeared on someone`s world`s top restaurants list but really who cares.  We know how good we are.  Sorry!    Time to get my ass to Vancouver.


Click here for David`s blog post on the pretty city:  http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2014/05/im-sorry-canada-vancouver/




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