Coming Back II








Coming Back II

Clocks are such a waste of time.
The sun rises, sets.
Fires warm.
Water boils sleep comforts.
Found a morel in the forest
As big as a house.
Bought rose petal jam from a beautiful Francophone.
Watched the last of Lost
in a dive that gives motels a bad name.
Jack! Oh Jack.
I know how you feel.
You’ve been used.
Where is Hurley?
What happened to us all.
Be wary of who you waste your time for
They will eat you alive.
But sometimes you have no choice.
So I forgive you Jack.
And I understand.
We order pizza
To fill our false sense of time
Get fat
Eat some more
Stop, Go, Buy, Eat
Enough already.
Love you Jack.
Still, you and I,
We have a lot to learn
from Hurley.
But will we? Ever.
Go off the grid
Refuse plumbing
You will never come back.
The forest will soothe
Avoid the fast track.
No wonder you could not take it any more
So called civil society
Big trap, Jack.
Who needs it.
It is the ultimate prison
Motels, pizza on call.
And all that money buys.
From Cannes to Pembroke.
Lilacs, the forest in a storm
The only focus – the next morel.
The messy haired asparagus
Plop goes another stalk.
The obnoxious woodpecker
Knock knock knock
This house is mine
Knock knock – out.
What key does it knock on?
Something to return to
What key?
Brother woodpecker.
A hammock and a porch lies in wait for me.
Shit in an outhouse
Find the true meaning of life
Be here – now!
Lilacs again
They will be gone soon.
Flowers bloom, so brief
And die.
The silence of absence
Absence of the noise of silence
Its so empty here in the City
Highway 7A is still a trip – Oh heaven.
A few solitary birds
Sing – or do they complain?
Its so quiet in the City.
We come, we go
I found out that
time sits still.
It is clocks that do not.
I think that is what the Buddha found out.
Is there a balance?
Or are we far gone.
How can I bear the road again
Into the City
Cream of Asparagus soup
Chicken broth
Cobble it all together.
Be here, in the City, now?
Take that first step
Back into the wilderness
Clocks, unstill.
Buy a carcass of chicken
Bring to the boil
Skim tenderly
Repeat, repeat
Add a peeled onion
Stalk or two of celery
A sprig of tarragon from the garden
Brush your teeth
Get to the market before it closes
clocks again!
Return the water bottles for the deposit
Start again.
Start over.
Stock, chicken stock
for Cream of Asparagus soup.
I cannot bear this.


Renuka Mendis – Summer 2009?


“Lost” graphic source:


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