for Phillip Hughes – “It’s as if all the boys I used to secretly fall in love with in their cricket whites who I watched from the top of the double decker bus in Colombo between home and school suddenly died.”

For Phil Hughes (25) who took to that great big pavilion in the sky and who will be missed at 2015 WC. 63no.

sweet sweet love

lovesick for cricket
the last two days
and nights
how do i describe

a canvass under lights
shrieks of howzat
broken hearts bittered when run out

a gift of true sweet love
when won
people like poetry
building innings

life lives
entirely vulnerable
standing upright
alone at the wicket

the pitch
the great yawning chasm
a hell into which you may fall
in less than 1/10th of a second

one by one
a run at a time
with luck a four
sometimes a sweep-ticket
of a six

it matters not who you are
which land – curried or of roasted beef
toast or chapathi
frock or sari

it is that one run that matters
making everything stand still
single minded
a moment in time

let me just be – lovesick
that beautiful sound of ball – on bat
there really is nothing else
that matters.

Renuka Mendis
March 19, 2011

This poem is from March 2011written during that Cricket World Cup.


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