today i plan to steal a sequin


around now on days like this
i wait
for her to appear
as she does
every tired afternoon
a lovers visit
she turns up dressed
in soft silvers and golds
in three sequins off each ear
to politely
steal kisses
that were all mine when night turned into days
days that get shorter and shorter

in alarm
like a tailor without cloth
i hang on in hope off a rope
of tensile silk
as the day gets shorter each afternoon
by miles at a time compounded
the thread she hangs me by
gets thinner
across the sky a fragile tightrope
as i drown into shorter days
and its sure promise
that soon, very soon
she will not return.

Renuka Mendis, Toronto, August 22, 2015

Photo by Renuka Mendis, in Toronto, August, 2015.


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