the christmas wind


do you hear what i hear

in this eve’s afternoon sun?

the wind from the breakwater

where he went to catch

a fish for us

for christmas lunch

for mother to cook wrapped

in coconut and this and that

a banana leaf borrowed from aachi’s dowry bunch

do you hear the perfume

of it?

its score written in reams

an epic symphony ink sodden.


he caught a thora

a noble and lovely fish

just like the one i strive to be

of sweet and tender flesh

fabulous silver skin;

and brought a present from

the anglers club christmas party

that little puppy with floppy ears?


do you see?

with button eyes

adored by the little one the youngest

who  got hurt the mostest but didn’t knowet

puppy eyes just like yours

those eyes

toy puppy from anglers club christmas party

so far so far away but right here

in my heart always


just like you.


Renuka Mendis

Toronto, December 24, 2015


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