pins and pomelos

she leaves a trail
of pins and needles
to burst balloons
and ogle wheedles

her tannin tongue
stained like glass
with tea and red wine
the middle class

the bobbin purrs
the wheels whir
and in her heart
she’s quite the burr

but the wisdom of sages
for all you under-ages
will be seen in her tapestries
and metric gauges

not just burrs
nor pins nor whistles
can hide the soft side
of my favourite thistle

but it’s quite the trick
this tough little brick
you see through her
as soon as she sits

at table with tea
and a pomelo be
she suddenly turns
into a girl of three

she’s as sweet as sin
to this dustbin
leaving sweet trails
of needles and pins.


Renuka Mendis

Feb 14, 2016, in Toronto.




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