tamarind saruwath

When high acid melds with sweet it spells only one thing – naughty!

Ask me sweet, and I’ll tell you how.




Tamarind water* (just so tart not too tart).

Simple syrup to taste (to sweeten).

Few tablespoons of soaked kasa kasa or to taste (only for texture, like in bubble tea).


You may add a drop or three of Ceylon coconut Arrack to spike it up.  Naughty, sweet and refreshing.


*Soak about a walnut sized lump of moist tamarind in a glass of water. They come in rectangular packs wrapped in plastic. Not the hard type but the soft and pliable. Ideally just plop the tamarind in a jar of water, cover and leave in fridge. It mellows over a few days which removes its sharp edges.  This way in the summer it is an ideal drink to turn to, whenever you feel like one.

Shake jar. Let tamarind settle in bottom for about five to ten minutes.  Carefully strain liquid into a glass/glasses but don’t go down to the dregs. Taste so it is just singing Tamarind; not punch in your face sour tamarind.  It should be just pleasantly tart.  If it is too tart and strong dilute with fresh water.





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