Cinnamon Almond Oatmeal Muffins

Is baking a sign of hope or a sign of despair? We had our first sprinkling of snow in the City and last evening was very cold walking up the road to pick up some fruit and veg and some decent tea, finally. Fortunately I had two sticks of butter, the last in the fridge, and made these. They are hands down the best muffins and fool proof. As to buttermilk you can make your own. A cup of buttermilk = one tablespoon white vinegar (or lemon juice) added to whole milk to make a cup. Today’s muffins were made with 1% milk and it still worked.

Been making these amazing little cakes … yes they are muffins I know … but they are so lovely they might as well be cakes — as I was saying been making these cakes for years and they freeze great. Just take one out as you fly out the door in the morning as you step out to take over the world.

I also adjust the fruit (and nut) and flavouring components of the recipe depending on my mood and what’s around. Here are some of my favourite combinations:

To the basic recipe (thank you Epicurious – make the following changes. I always double the recipe and come out with two dozen muffins which keep calling at me from the freezer.

Cardamom and Rosewater with Pistachio Muffins:
Replace half of fruit with rough chopped pistachios.
Add a teaspoon of rosewater (await a post on rosewater soon) with the eggs.
replace half of fruit with candied ginger roughly minced.
Top each muffin with a whole pistachio before it goes in oven.
To the flour add teaspoon of fresh powdered Ceylon cardamom (its more delicate than the big pods).
*You may want to go more rose by replacing candied ginger with a fresh rhubarb compote made with sugar and a little lime juice.

fruit and nut power

Cinnamon and Almond muffins:
To flour mix add about tablespoon of fresh powdered Ceylon Cinnamon (use an electric coffee/spice grinder).
Replace currents with half of chopped almonds and half of raisins.
*You may want to add some almond essence.

Toppings: Again toppings are optional. Tourbinado sugar; coconut flakes, more nuts, rolled oats, cashews and the sky is the limit and depending on your mood.

The combinations are endless I guess. My favourite is rosewater pistachio.

Important Tips: If fruit you add is still wet just toss them in some of the flour before they go in. Test muffins so they don’t overcook and dry out becoming un-tender. Best to take them out “as soon as” a skewer comes out dry.


2 thoughts on “baking

  1. Dear Renuka,

    I have been taking over the world one day at a time (I know it is barely noticeable) since you gave me some of these glorious little muffins with their sweet little almond caps.


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