With the greatest of regard love and respect to all good monks out there — I believe that the Sri Lankan problem has not been solved and will never be solved as long as there are buddhist monks who stray out of their role of preaching the dhamma and the serious practice of meditation. I wrote this when I worried about these things soon after the so called war ended. One day there will only be monks who preach metta and karuna. Until then I will worship these little saffron squashes. Some day. Peace.



all the monks
turned into pumpkins
some said the buddha made it happen
cos they were better as pumpkins
than divisive loudspeakers.

some peace loving people missed the monks
the monks that preached peace
the saffron robes, empty bowls
shaven heads.

So they started to grow
tiny yellow pumpkins
and a new ritual was born
the offering of pumpkins
to the buddha.

because there were no more monks
no bad monks
and no good ones
and none in between.

that is the story
of how
the monks
turned into yellow pumpkins.

August 21, 2010


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