The City, awash, in Lilac

It was May long weekend. My dear friend Leah made a big dish of lasagne and had me over. Their back yard in the annex was thriving. The quince tree was in bloom in scarlet flowers. Their lilac tree was in the later stages of bloom but not a thought of fading. Two houses away a wisteria canopy over the back porch. Walking to the subway towards Bloor all the lilac trees were fragrant. Laden with perfect flowers sometimes their perfume mingled with the waxy richness of Lily of the Valley.

the chill and the rain
a lot of rain
left us a bounty
to fill a thousand temples
for love for each other



Heavenly blossoms – sweetly fragrant – soft like clouds.


Bordered in white lines drawn by whom?


Garlands for the braid of an apsara, celestial or terrestial, as the sun waned reminding me of heavy jasmine garlands.


Closer to transient perfection – same garland – jasmine-like yellow centres.


Spring’s magic, that only lilac proves.


Magical. Same tree, same branch, different flowers.

Renuka Mendis, Toronto, May 25, 2017




come here
and hear,
this sweet lilac song
so soft
on the heart
filling my room
softly spilling
out of windows
but mostly
it’s here
calling silently,
for you.


Renuka Mendis, Toronto
May 21, 2016